Spring Street Parklets

The precursor to People St.

With Valerie Watson, Daveed Kapoor, Rob Berry, Tanner Blackman and many others...

As a member of the DLANC Complete Streets Working Group, I was asked to do a rendering of Spring Street for presentation to the LA City Council and for public input. The goal of the presentation was to get approval for the parklet pilot program in Downtown LA, which took street parking spaces and repurposed them as miniature parks. This concept was pioneered in San Francisco and has now spread to other cities like New York. This pilot project was successful and has now been incorporated into the People Street program that encourages citizens to repurpose underutilized spaces in their communities.

The rendering depicts the block of Spring Street between 6th and 7th Streets in Downtown LA. I have include a "before" photo so you can see the street in its current state. Improvements shown include a 40' x 8' parket in front of LA Cafe, a cycle track bike lane with a landscaped median, and a mid-block crossing with curb bump-outs. The bike lane and curb extensions are improvements that the Complete Streets Working Group worked with LADOT and Street Services to construct.

This rendering was featured in the Architect's Newspaper article "Parallel Parks" on 10/27/2011.

Project Details

CLIENT : Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

DATE: Aug 03, 2011

TAGS : Public Sector, Urban Design

WEBSITE : http://peoplest.lacity.org/